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antique tonkaNew toys are made every single day and old toys have to make way for them. Gone are the simple, handcrafted toys that lasted a good 10 years and in their place have come the technically advanced all-singing, all dancing gadgets that are lucky to survive for a couple of days in a child’s hands. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic old toys and why they were loved so much.

Rag dolls. There is nothing more simple than a rag doll. They were once the coolest toy to have and everywhere a child would go, her rag doll would go with her. The best bit is, if you managed to prize them from your child’s hand, they could be dumped in some hot soapy water, hung out to dry and would be as good as new the next day. Barbie and her electrical friends are sadly the toy of choice these days. These cannot be washed using the same method but I would encourage you to give it a go.

Wooden bikes. The majority of bikes in shops today are made from either plastic or metal, which have the cheapest production costs for manufacturers. You cannot beat however a hand-crafted bike made out of high quality hardwood. They didn't break down anywhere near as much as modern bikes do and the aging wooden looked beautiful. Also, they did not out of place in a traditional house, often being used as a piece of furniture as well as a toy

Rocking horse. Similar to a bike made out of wood, a wooden rocking horse looked great in any house and also lasted generations due their quality and simple design. The best feature about buying one of these though is that your child can still have the horsey they always wanted but without the expensive and effort of a real one. Rocking horse makers are hard to find these days but if you can find a good one then its well worth purchasing one.

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